Every family deserves to share a meal!

Food Distributons all start at 10 a.m.
January 18      Pierson IA, School
February 15    Anthon IA, Com. Ctr.
March 15        Washta IA, School
April 19         Moville IA, Com. Ctr.
May 17           Kingsley IA, Com. Ctr.
June 21          Cushing IA, Fire Station
July 19           Climbing Hill, Naz. Church
August 16      Bronson IA, School
September 20  Anthon IA, Com Ctr.
October 18      Pierson IA, School
November 15  Kingsley IA, Com Ctr.
December 20  Moville IA, Com Ctr.                        
In order for the Community Basket food pantry to start we need food and money donations. All donations are tax deductible!

    The mission of the Community Basket food pantry is to feed the hungry by acquiring and distributing food to people in need.

Share your thoughts with us.

Volunteer Now!
Help your local community with volunteering in the Community Basket food pantry. Bring your church group, youth group, boy scouts, organization, or simply you. Help us schedule volunteers for the year!
                                     Money Donations
 Food Donations
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